How to drink well in Edinburgh

As you may have followed from my recent Instagram posts – Edinburgh has been my recent trips from home in the last few weeks. Despite the chillier and damper climate, Edinburgh is my favourite UK city and will be yours too if you consider drinking from brunch time an acceptable occurrence.

I was up North celebrating a birthday so am leaving you a list of my favourite watering holes followed by the best places to sober up the morning after…

Bottoms Up

Dragonfly Bar

This 20s themed bar is the place to be for authentic cocktails. Everything is pretty much mixed on the spot and the menu is extensive. The guys can make you pretty much any cocktail your heart might desire too (Amaretto Sours all day, every day) The most Instagram-worthy, though by no means the most delicious, is the Raspberry Ripple which involves a fine layer of hundreds and thousands on your glass. Unlike London, the cocktails here are super reasonable so make sure you knock back 2 or 5 before heading out on your night.

Frankenstein Pub

It’s a little cheesy, but every time I’ve been to Edinburgh, I’ve always spent at least part of my night at this place. The Frankenstein is unsurprisingly, gothic-themed but attracts a varied and friendly crowd (we spotted no less than 3 hen parties, complete with mothers and grannies as well as at least one sports team chilling with the rest of the partygoers). The drinks are super cheap – they’re always running some kind of deal on shots/mixers and the music is always catchy. Make sure you stick around long enough for Frankenstein to make his appearance complete with smoke and lasers! If that’s not your thing, head down to the basement which is an equally fun and slightly rowdy Bier Kellar.

Under the Stairs

If you want to line your stomach while you drink, head on to Under the Stairs, a cosy restaurant which just happens to boast a particularly well-stocked bar.

Seared duck breat and Cactus Jack cocktail at Under the Stairs, Edinburgh

Enjoying a candlelit meal at Under the Stairs!

The food, locally sourced and varied by the season is reasonably priced with all the mains coming under £20 (I still remember their roast duck breast of Winter 2015…) and is complemented by a very reasonable selection of wines and quirky cocktails featuring pretty unique flavours – look out for my favourite of Summer 2017, Cactus Jack, which features prickly pear liquer and watermelon. This girl had three and can thoroughly recommend!

It’s a smallish space though, so if you want to make sure you have time to eat and drink, be sure to phone ahead and book with the super friendly team.

Hangover Cures

If you’ve partied hard and hit up every bar recommended, then I’ve also got you covered for those handover cures! Sunday Brunch is a popular meal though so if you’re heading out for grub on this day of rest, make sure you book ahead!


Interior of Spoon, Edinburgh

Blissfully quiet and chic interior at Spoon.


By far my favourite eatery this last weekend. Tucked up on the first floor of a shop front, this eatery if spacious and catches sunlight – they also handed us the wine list along with the brunch menu which is a sign of true love. Their brunch menu is modest but covers the healthy (think smashed avocados, berries on whole oat porridge, wholemeal bread and poached eggs) to potential heart attack (definitely try the mixed grill which involves bacon, fried sausages and eggs with Scottish highlights like haggis and black pudding). I don’t drink coffee, but am reliably informed that their Flat Whites also had a friend or two jittering their way straight up Arthur’s Seat.

The day and wine menu at Spoon, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Larder

The Edinburgh Larder is another favourite – like my other recommendations, all the food is seasonal but it features a much more extensive menu so you can go as continental, healthy or hearty/greasy per your own sweet tooth and level of hangover. This place also artisan coffee and tea which is all locally roasted and blended.

The best thing is, the Edinburgh Larder also features a Take Away Menu so you can take a bit of goodness with you to go if you’re on the road but looking forward to more than a sad train carriage pack lunch.

Urban Angels

For the health conscious, Urban Angels is the brunch venue to head to. The menu features plenty of fresh Scottish produce and is pretty flexible so you can compose the smashed avocado, acai berry, smoked salmon, wholemeal health combination of your choice. This place was particularly busy, especially on Sunday though so definitely make sure to book ahead for this one, because even we didn’t get in #sob

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram to see where else I’ve been and where I’m heading next! 

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