Stress Relief on the BATL Ground!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to take a true holiday rather than just a work trip so my recent week in Toronto with my brother and sister has been a true adventure. Besides the usual touristing at Casa Loma, Kensington Market and partying it up on Queen Street we wanted to do something “real Canadians do” which leads me to recreational axe throwing…read on to find out more on how we got on and how to get involved!

Now I’m not 100% sure if real Canadians really do spend all their time hurling axes are wooden targets, but the country does seem to boast some healthy local leagues and BATL ground where we tried our hand has multiple venues across the country so we figured it would be great stress relief if nothing else.

Practicing proper axe throwing technique!

Practicing proper axe throwing technique!

If you’re complete newbies like we were, chances are you’re looking for a public walking in session – hours vary by location so double check, but runs Friday – Sunday. Simply rock up in comfortable clothing, sign the waiver and the ultra-friendly staff will give you an instructor who takes you from never-touched-an-axe-before to hurling machetes at the wooden targets in no time. If you’re feeling confident, you can even graduate to try the longer, heavier, bigger two handed axe too! It’s surprisingly easy to pick up and the satisfaction of hearing metal sink into wood at speed is strangely satisfying. & superpeachlife celebrating a successful axe throwing session & superpeachlife celebrating a successful axe throwing session

You should note that in smaller groups (below 6), you may be joined up with other members of the public, we ended up sharing 4 lanes with 3 other people and 1 instructor though so there’s plenty of space of axe throwing time to go around. In addition there’s no real time limit on how long you spend in the grounds as you learn so feel free to take things at your own pace and admire the pros as well.

Additionally, there’s a bar onsite (at least in the Galleria Mall, Toronto location we went to anyway) if you need liquid courage, though perhaps maybe not if you need your wits about you.

Address Various locations throughout Canada, find your closest venue here
Hours Public Walk In Sessions vary but tend to be Fridays 1700 – 2000 / Saturdays 1100 – 1400 / Sundays 1400 – 1700
Admission 19.91 CAD + tax
Time Spent 1 – 2 Hours

Check out my Instagram to see what else I got up to Toronto and and @batlground to learn more if you want to get involved in recreational axe throwing!

My sister has also been publishing at Superpeach so read on!

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