Stockholm = SEA + FOOD

The downside of a work related trip is that I am unfortunately limited in my ability to wander out and about so sadly I’m lacking in recommendations this time, but at least I tend to have evenings free to continue my never ending search for a great meal. Stockholm, the Swedish Capital is basically a collection of islands on the Baltic Sea which essentially means a constant flow of one of my favourite types of cuisine – SEAFOOD! Read on for my highlights and favourite eateries to gorge on fish and more at every price point.

Unsurprisingly, thanks to the availability of fresh fish, Stockholm is chock full of great Japanese eateries and there’s a pretty decent, authentic sushi place on almost every corner. But for a quick and importantly cheap (I won’t lie, my credit card took a beating during my week here!) but still healthy lunch or snack look out for my two favourite local chains.

Sushi Yama was my go to lunch place for several days in a row – they have hot food too, but their speciality is inside out rolls with prices varying between a very reasonable 99 – 139 SEK for a 10 piece roll. You can also select one of their curated sushi selections made up of 11, 14 or 18 pieces which is more than enough fuel to get you through an afternoon. Check out their helpfully illustrated menu if you’re feeling unsure.

If you’re literally out of time and need to eat on the go (me, every other day) then the place to hit up is Sushi Rullen, which serves rolls of unsliced maki in sweet little paper bags with teeny tiny fish shaped bottles of soy sauce. The menu is simple, essentially varieties of salmon, tuna or vegetable but it’s cheap and friendly (you can get a bargain 4 rolls for 120 SEK) and importantly you can eat it with your hands while you’re on the run!

Budget friendly is great, but you have the splash the cash every now and again! On one of my last evenings, I ventured out with some newfound friends to Bakfickan / The Hip Pocket, a pint sized seafood bar tucked away on the side of the Royal Swedish Opera. It only seats 28 so you may have to wait during busy periods – if that’s the case, order a few drinks and grab one of the chairs placed outside which face Sankt Jacobs kyrka / St James Chuch and admire the striking colour and architectural mishmash as you get slowly hammered.

The menu at Bakfickan is fairly classic, cooked fish dishes and sides, beef tartare and even Swedish meatballs around 220 – 350 SEK depending on your main but the one thing you should definitely save up for is the oysters – the variant seems seasonal (French for 40 SEK a piece when I was there) but they’re always big and fresh, it’s like inhaling a breath of salt air! Perfect if you have a group of friends to share a dozen or two between you, or just a couple on the side to complement your main.

Fresh Oysters on bar at Bakfickan Restaurant Sweden

Enjoy seasonal fresh oysters at Bakfickan with a glass of wine

Other great dishes to look out for that are salmon roe with sour cream on bread (my favourite appetizer in nearly every restaurant I went to) and whitefish varieties like artic char or monkfish which are less common on menus at home but seem plentiful in Stockholm – you won’t be disappointed!

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