Walking Vienna

Flat and with seemingly some kind of architectural wonder on every street corner, Vienna is a city made for strolling especially as the weather gets warmer.

Start in MuseumsQuartier, a complex of galleries, cafes and performance spaces linked by a series of lovely passages and courtyards that all capture sunlight. You could actually spend the whole day enjoying the public sun loungers left out and soaking in the outdoor performances that comes with Summer months but if you’re feeling adventurous, Vienna’s 7th District is just a few steps away.

Street Art in Museums Quarter

A piece of more interesting street art hiding around the MuseumsQuartier!

Also known as Neubau, the area is a creative hub filled with independent shops and crafts. If you’re there on a weekend, look out for the Kunst+Handwerk Markt / Art + Handicraft Market on Spittelberggasse where vendors will set up stalls flogging their handmade wares.

From there it’s only a 15 minute stroll to the city’s most famous Flea Market at Naschmarkt or if you’re happy to meander, walk towards the city centre and take yourself past the Opera House and the Albertina Museum, previously a large Hapsburg Empire state palace and now home to one of the largest and most important graphical collection in the world for all the culture vultures.

My highlight is actually the Spanish Riding School – about 5 minutes away from the Albertina – to catch a glimpse the world famous performing white Lipizzaner stallions. Shows can be pricey but a great alternative is to try and catch the horses’ morning exercise or sign up to the hourly tours instead (or, hang around like a creeper as I am and see the horses up close as they cross the street between their show space and the stables!).

If you’re done for day then you can head back to MuseumsQuartier with a lovely stroll through the People’s Garden / Volksgarten completing your loop, or, if you want to see an alternative view of Vienna head towards the river then cross a bridge to the opposite side and follow the path along the Donaukanal and check out the riverside cafes and greenspace there shared with sunbathers, cyclists and joggers alike. In summer, a city beach will set up shop and graffiti is legal in this part of the city so check out the artwork running along the walls as a backdrop.

Graffiti at Donaukanal

A more alternative view of Vienna on the Donau Canal

Hint: If you want a bit more of a guided walk, check out the multiple guided tours available online – as a solo traveller, this is one of my favourite things to do as groups tend to small and the guides, friendly and laidback. My walk above is actually a mish-mash of Sophort’s Instant Urban Tour (the highlight of this walk is the restored 80’s polaroid camera you’re given with a pack of film to take your own set of photos resulting a totally unique set of souvenirs!) and my own exploring throughout the day.


These shoes were made for walking – one of my polaroid snaps from the Sophort Instant Tour!

Check out this map if you want to see the exact route I made up for myself and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to catch all the extra photos from my trip to Vienna!

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